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Strange Days

Falling Behind



Far Away From Home


By My Side

Tip Of My Tongue

Overruled and Undercover

Time Bomb

The Worst Crime

All songs c 2007

Lyrics and music written by Scott Chasolen

Produced, engineered and mixed by Rob Harari at Harariville Studios

Co-produced by Scott Chasolen

Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtletone Studios

Assisted by Frank Lakatos and Christopher Speich

String arrangements on “The Worst Crime” by Scott Chasolen

String arrangements on “By My Side” by Rob Harari and Katy Pfaffl

Backing vocal arrangements by Katy Pfaffl, Joshua Kobak, Rob Harari and Scott Chasolen

Additional engineering by Andy Burton

Studio coordinator - Julie Harari

Piano technician - Aart Markenstein at Aart in America Piano Services

Photography and design by Joshua Silk

Scott Chasolen - vocals, piano, organ, rhodes, Wurlitzer, moog, Clavinet, mellotron, glockenspiel

Carlos Alomar - electric guitar on “Falling Behind” and “Time Bomb”

Danton Boller - electric and upright bass

Sean Dixon - drums

Sebastian Guerrero - congas, cajon, udu, bata, percussion

Joshua Kobak - backing vocals

Alex Mitnick - electric and acoustic guitar on “Compromise”

Katy Pfaffl - backing vocals

Tarrah Reynolds - violin

Scott Sharrard - electric and acoustic guitar

Genevieve Harari, Sempai and Indiana Bones - banter on “Insomnia”

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Artwork by Heather Witkowski

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