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"Keyboardist Scott Chasolen is a standout who commands an impressive repertoire of evocative synth voices, in addition to having the ability to get funky on Rhodes, organ, and clavinet." 


-Jazztimes Magazine

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Scott Chasolen is a New York City based pianist/keyboardist, songwriter, vocalist and music producer. His career began as a teenager playing clubs in Manhattan. By the mid-1990’s Scott was earning a degree in jazz performance at New School University while maintaining a hectic schedule creating, recording and touring relentlessly with his landmark jazz/funk group ulu

For over fifteen years Scott has been engaging audiences as the keyboardist and backing vocalist for the highly acclaimed Pink Floyd tribute band, The Machine. He also tours nationally with Beginnings - A Celebration of the Music of Chicago. Between shows with The Machine and Beginnings Scott can be found performing with a variety of musicians in and around New York City.   

An accomplished singer/songwriter, Scott has released 7 albums of original material. His skillful musical expression playfully weaves together elements of rock, pop, folk, funk and jazz. Currently he’s working on his 8th solo album, which is slated for release in the fall of 2023. 

When hes not on the road Scott spends his time in the studio working as a free-lance session musician, producer and songwriter for hire. Trusted by a variety of notable artists, he’s helped write and record hundreds of songs and appears on dozens of albums. 
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