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"Keyboardist Scott Chasolen is a standout who commands an impressive repertoire of evocative synth voices, in addition to having the ability to get funky on Rhodes, organ, and clavinet." 

-Jazztimes magazine


Scott Chasolen is a New York City based pianist/keyboardist, composer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and music producer.


His passion for performing began when he was still in high school and playing clubs in New York City. By the time he was in his early twenties Scott was earning his degree in jazz performance at New School University while maintaining a hectic schedule creating, recording and touring relentlessly with his landmark instrumental jazz/funk group ulu. Between 1998 and 2003 ulu released 4 albums: ulu (1998), Live at the Wetlands (2000), What’s the Deal (2001) and  Nerve (2003).


For over 15 years Scott has been playing all over the world as the keyboardist for The Machine, masterfully recreating the sounds of Pink Floyd’s Richard Wright with his own infectious live energy. He loves performing and his true home is the stage, where his charming and engaging presence builds an instant, authentic connection with any audience. Endorsed by Moog, Scott’s live rig includes a Minimoog Voyager, Rhodes electric piano, Hohner Clavinet, and a Hammond organ through a Leslie cabinet. (Proving himself to be a complete analog gear geek!) 


Since 2003, Scott has released 6 solo albums: Solitude Speaks (2003), Woven (2005), Magnify (2007), Fracture (2010), Portrait (2013) and Living In Limbo (2019). His songwriting is a unique and dynamic musical expression that acknowledges a diverse range of influences. He skillfully weaves rock, pop, folk, improvisational jazz and even classical melodies with introspective lyrics that expose a sensitive artist with the power to provoke a profound response. Currently he’s releasing a new single every month from an album that he wrote and recorded in isolation at home during the pandemic.


Between shows Scott works in the studio as a free-lance session musician and songwriter for hire. Trusted by a variety of notable and talented artists and producers, he has helped record hundreds of songs and appears on dozens of albums.