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“Raucous, retro-minded keyboard pop… Chasolen melds classic keyboards such as the Minimoog, Clavinet, and Rhodes with hooky choruses and deft band interplay.”

– Keyboard Magazine

Scott Chasolen

Scott Chasolen is a New York City pianist/keyboardist, composer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and music producer.
For 25 years he has established his career as a  performer, session player and songwriter.
In addition to writing and performing his original music Scott is also a member of several touring bands including ulu, The Machine, Beginnings and AM Gold.
Chasolen studied jazz theory and performance earning a BFA degree from New School University.

"Scott Chasolen makes every song matter...each has a significance and importance."

-- Indiepulsemusic

Scott Chasolen
Scott Chasolen

"Keyboardist Scott Chasolen is a standout who commands an impressive repertoire of evocative synth voices, in addition to having the ability to get funky on Rhodes, organ, and clavinet." 

- Jazztimes Magazine

Artwork by Heather Witkowski

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